Skin care is our business. Our passion is for you.

Our Mission

Who we are

As a team….our vision is to create a space where others feel free to seek solutions to their beauty and skincare needs. Our hope is that our guests feel empowered and listened to…Our goal is to create a custom treatment and maintenance plan designed specifically for you, because you deserve to feel free in your own skin!

Beauty experiences with Free Spirit Aesthetics Atlanta

Passionately polishing your skin every day so you feel better, more confident and happier.

We’re with you every step of the way

We pride ourselves on being with you from start to finish — from prepping your skin for the treatment, to post care instructions, and everything in between. You can always count on us.

We believe that beauty comes from within

Aesthetics is about more than just skin care; it’s about helping you feel your best, inside and out. When you’re at our spa, we’ll care for not just your skin but also your mind, body, and soul.

Experience tranquility in our soothing surroundings

You deserve a relaxing experience—that’s why we have created an environment that will help soothe you with every detail. From the beautiful decor to the calming scents, our spa is designed to make you feel at ease from start to finish.


FS Aesthetics Team

Whether you’re a first time client or a seasoned veteran, we offer a wide range of customized treatments to suit your needs. We provide exceptional quality and service in order to deliver the best possible experience.

Renita Peyton

Nurse Practitioner

Katie Medina

Medical Esthetician

Margaret Kapasi

Nurse Practitioner
Our Facilities

The location

We’re near you! Discover the top Aesthetics Salon in Alpharetta – Free Spirit Aesthetics!

8465 Holcomb Bridge Road
Suite 410, Alpharetta
GA 30022

More Beauty

Hair Salon

We have the complete beauty solution for you! Our company also runs a hair salon in Georgia, so why not do your hair as well, with us?

FREE SPIRIT HAIR SALON is awaiting you at:

8465 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite 410
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022

(770) 641-8014